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How long will it take to deliver my system?

It really depends on the complexity and scale of your needs. We can implement a fully operational system, one that lets you start trading the moment it’s switched on, within a few months. With two decades of experience implementing systems quickly and with the minimum…

How long does it take to deliver a product or scheme?

We have two decades of experience in building e-trade products and schemes – it’s pretty much what our reputation has been built upon, so we know what we’re doing.

How do I access Acturis?

We like to make the complex simple, so while the Acturis system is a serious bit of kit, all you need is connectivity and a PC.

What are the expectations from me and my team?

For brokers, we need to understand from you how you want to trade, what your compliance requirements are, figure out the document templates you want, understand your approach to sales and renewals and figure out who you want to trade with and with which products.…

How does Acturis help me be compliant?

Data security, contract certainty, disaster recovery and business continuity – all of these are issues that should concern every business and we’re here to help ensure you don’t fall foul of any of them.

Where will my data be held?

All your data is held to the highest data security standards at our sites in London and Amsterdam, in a manner that is entirely compliant with data protection law, i.e. GDPR, in the UK and EU.

How do I transfer my data to Acturis?

The question that vexes many a business considering making the leap to a new platform. We know your data is precious, so we treat yours as we would our own.

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